For over 60 years Wago has developed and produced innovative products for packaging, transportation, process, and industrial automation markets. Apart from their innovations in spring pressure connection technology, Wago has introduced numerous innovations that have positively affected the spring pressure electrical interconnect industry.
Wago is known throughout world as a global leader in spring pressure electrical interconnect solutions. The electrical connections business division emerged shortly after the establishment of the company in the 1950s. These innovations, included the first complete rail-mounted terminal block family with self-contained contact inserts. The automation solutions aspect of Wago’s business was later formed in the 1990’s, which included the first fieldbus independent, modular I/O system - a.k.a. the Wago-I/O-System.
Throughout the decades Wago has produced a wide variety of product lines, which have not only proven themselves, but in many cases have defined state of the art.
Authorized Wago Distributor
Powertech Controls is an approved distributor of Wago products. Some of the Wago products that Powertech Controls offers, include:
  • Rail-Mounted Terminal Block Systems
  • Pluggable Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks
  • Terminal Blocks & Connectors
  • Pluggable Connector Systems
  • PCB Terminal Blocks & Connectors
  • Components for Automation
  • Interface Electronics
  • Marking Accessories & Marking Units
  • Software

Powertech Controls is a premier distributor of high quality electrical and electronic automation controls and components to the global market. Powertech’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing attentive service, forming customer and vendor based strategic partnerships, and continually improving our operations.
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