Servo Drives


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Servo systems consist of four main components: a motor, a drive, a controller, and a feedback device, which is typically an encoder. The controller and drive work together to determine what the motor needs to do (the controller) and send the necessary electrical energy to the motor to make it happen (the drive). A servo drive can also be referred to as an amplifier, because it takes the control signal from the controller and amplifies it to deliver a specific amount of voltage and current to the motor.
There are several types of servo drives, with a common one being the torque-mode amplifier. It converts the command signal from the controller into a specific amount of current to the motor. Since current is directly proportional to torque, the drive is controlling the amount of torque that the motor produces. (In a linear motor, where current is proportional to force, the drive is directly controlling the force output of the motor.)
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