Conduit & Accessories

Conduit is used to protect and route electrical wiring and provides very good protection to enclosed conductors from impact, moisture, and chemical vapors. Powertech Controls is a proud distributor of the following lines of Conduit:

Conduit is important when wiring needs to be protected from damage. Conduits come in a variety of styles, but Powertech Controls mainly deals in Flexible Conduit. Flexible conduit is ribbed, giving it a look similar to corrugated wire loom, and is able to bend and flex freely.  For areas where obstacles would require rigid conduit to make too many turns and use an impractical number of fittings, flexible conduit may be an ideal choice. Flexible metallic conduit (FMC) provides the protection of rigid metal conduit without being confined to traveling in straight lined sections. It also provides vibration isolation when connecting to motors or other devices prone to movements, where rigid conduit would be easily jarred.
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