Murrplastik’s American Headquarters located just outside of Cincinnati, provides complete customer, technical, and product support to all North and South American markets. They are a world leader in the manufacture and supply of injection molded Cable Management Products for the Industrial Robotics and Machine Automation Industries. Murrplastik is a fully integrated ISO 9001 company providing manufacturing, engineering, and design expertise all from One-Single-Source. Their product line encompasses Cable Drag Chains / Cable Carriers, Flexible Conduit & Fittings, Cable Entry & Holding Systems, Universal Wire Marking & Labeling Systems and Robotic Dress Packs.  

Authorized Murrplastik Distributor

Powertech Controls is an approved distributor of Murrplastik products. Some of the Murrplastik products that Powertech Controls offers, include:
  • Robotic dress packs
  • Marking/labeling systems
  • Cable drag chains
  • Cable entry
  • Specialty conduits

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Powertech Controls is a premier distributor of high quality electrical and electronic automation controls and components to the global market. Powertech’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing attentive service, forming customer and vendor based strategic partnerships, and continually improving our operations.

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