HAEWA, or HÄWA is a worldwide supplier of custom and standard electronic and electrical enclosures, consoles, 19” racks, modular cabinets, climate control products, distribution cabinets, heat exchangers, air conditioners and more. Haewa is also an extremely reliable partner for reasoned cabinet and enclosure systems, modular machine frames, effective thermal components, functional ducts and useful tools.
Authorized Haewa Distributor
Powertech Controls is an approved distributor of Haewa products. Powertech is proud to offer the following Haewa products:
  • PC Cabinets
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Filters & Fans
  • Temp Controllers
  • Consoles
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cable Ducts
  • Air Conditioners
  • And More

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Powertech Controls is a premier distributor of high quality electrical and electronic automation controls and components to the global market. Powertech’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing attentive service, forming customer and vendor based strategic partnerships, and continually improving our operations.
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If you can’t find the Haewa products that you’re looking for, Powertech Controls can help. Contact us for more information on our line of Haewa products, or request a quote today.
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