Wire Duct - Custom Cutting Available


Powertech Controls is a global supplier of high quality electrical components, and is proud to offer custom cutting services on the following lines of Wire Duct:

Wire duct is a type of cable manager that allows you to route large bundles of cabling in an easy and organized fashion. Most options have a sliding or hinged cover that allow you to easily drop in or remove cables and bundles from the run. The bundles that utilize wire duct are usually larger than those used in raceway or many other aesthetic cable management solutions, and there are three main types of wire duct, each with their own unique properties: open slot, closed slot and solid wall.
Closed slot wire duct features openings throughout the length of the duct that allows cabling to easily break out at any point in the length of the run. This works well for areas where several workstations or network equipment areas are located far enough apart that cables need to exit the run at several points to connect with components, without having to run them all the way from the beginning and end points (which would defeat the purpose). It also allows you to see the cabling without removing the top for easy identification.
Open slot wire duct is similar to closed slot, but instead of openings with solid plastic above and below, the open slot features “fingers” that sprout from the bottom section and have no solid closure at the top beyond the cover itself. This functions much the way closed slot does, with one exception: open slot allows you to modify its design by breaking off the fingers in areas where you want to break out larger sections of the cable bundle within. For specialized applications, there are flexible and narrow slot options.
Solid wall wire duct lacks the fingers and slots of closed and open slot duct, so cables cannot break free from the main run at any point save the beginning and end of the duct. However, it has the added benefit of being completely enclosed, to ensure the cabling inside is kept free of dust and debris. It's also a bit more aesthetically pleasing since the cabling within is completely hidden. This type of duct works best in areas where cabling needs to be routed through a room or building, but the cables themselves aren't needed at any spot along the length of the run.
Powertech is very pleased to offer the Value Added Service of custom Wire Duct cutting.  No matter what specifications your installation needs, Powertech is your one stop shop for all custom wire duct.
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