Since 1947 Autac has been manufacturing high quality coiled cords (curly cords), and custom retractile cords to meet various applications and specifications.  Autac is capable of producing coil cord in a wide variety of gauge sizes, conductor amounts, lengths, and colors, including clear. Customers have the option of retractile cord from stock or spec. Tinned copper as well as bare copper conductors are available, along with unshielded or shielded cords. In addition, a variety of insulation and jacketing materials are available, including:
  • PVC
  • TPE
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyurethane
  • Neoprene
  • ROJ jackets
  • Strip conductors
Autac’s flexibility is also very beneficial for small quantity orders. The company’s industrial retractile cords and retractile power cords are used throughout the United States and Canada, with UL/CSA approvals. Additionally, Autac’s retractile coil cords have been used in various capacities from test leads and power cords to cord sets and telecommunication cable assemblies.
Authorized Autac Distributor
As an authorized distributor for Autac, Powertech Controls is proud to offer their line of:
  • TPE power cords
  • PVC power cords
  • PVC & Auta-Prene® communications & electronic control cords
  • PVC & Auta-Prene® shielded cords
  • Auta-Prene® test leads
  • PVC miniature cords
  • TPR power cords

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