For over 90 years Alpha Wire has been manufacturing multi-conductor cables, hook-up wire, tubing, and related products for the electronic and electrical markets.

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As Alpha’s product line has widened and progressed to meet the needs of new markets and applications, one thing has remained consistent: Alpha's commitment to steadfast service. They accomplish this by maintaining the largest selection of industry-standard in-stock products. In addition, Alpha is continually working on the development of new products and improving existing products. Their products are available for immediate shipment, which provides the ease of both large and small put-ups. Alpha delivers volume and custom orders quickly and efficiently. They are the easiest and most receptive supplier of wire, cable, and tubing in the industry.

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Powertech Controls is a premier distributor of high quality electrical and electronic automation controls and components to the global market. Powertech’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing attentive service, forming customer and vendor based strategic partnerships, and continually improving our operations.

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If you can’t find the Alpha Wire products that you’re looking for, Powertech Controls can help. Contact us for more information on our line of Alpha Wire products, or request a quote today.
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